“Everywhere about us we see this paroxysmal shattering of all the old forms: our borders, our churches, our laws, our morals are collapsing on all sides… We are in the midst of human evolution…” ~ Mother’s Agenda

“I believe another world is possible… On a quiet night, I can hear her breathing…” ~ Philip Wollen

“It is the one religion which shows us how we can best play our part in that Lila, its subtlest laws and its noblest rules. It is the one religion which does not separate life in any smallest detail from religion, which knows what immortality is and has utterly removed from us the reality of death.” ~ Sri Aurobindo

“Lila is a chance meeting among individualized entities reverberating on the collective plane, catalysing
long-term sustainable systemic change. Lila is an innovative change-maker agent.” ~ Spanda Foundation