Here is a list of all ideas we have. These could be paid services chargeable by the professional doing the work with a commission/donation made to Imran / YieldMore.org / cselian.com.

  1. PACT – a platform for discussion and interaction between the 4 constituents of the education system – Parents, Administrators (Institutions), Children and Teachers.
  2. Peaceworks – an initiative for helping students and the workforce develop skills and soft skills, creating industry based thought and evaluation frameworks and content/courses for furthering their careers.
    1. Mentoring – building a directory of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who would like to mentor junior professionals and build a connect with children in high schools and colleges. These would include perspectives and ideals not just skills and communication.
  3. Accreditation for schools, colleges and training institutes with quantitative as well as . pre-discussion stage.
  4. All India Journal of Social Work to further the dreams of the Late Prof PJ Naidu, founder of The Journal of School Social Work
  5. Happiness Index (statistics / demographics) and ways to increase it.
  6. Counselling and Corporate Counselling – building a directory of counsellors and other quality of life professionals and a platform for them to voice their ideas in the form of articles and videos. Planning a forum, helpline and chatroom as well and would like to link to existing ones.
  7. Promote Programs like
    * Instrumental Enrichment – icelp.org
    * Mindful Motherhood – noetic.org
    * Brain Sync – brainsync.com
  8. Ideas (in books) dealing with Sanatana Dharma (eternal laws of life), Religion, Values, Yoga and Philosophy (metaphysics) – samatabooks.in
  9. Sri Aurobindoís Integral Yoga, Overman (evolution), Life Divine, Social and Spiritual Revolutions
  10. IT, Training and Marketing/Media services and products – cselian.com (founder / primary supporter of YM)
  11. Entheos – platform for religious dialogue, right perception and harmony and IViewer Web (and Windows) – a way to learn pronunciation and the meanings of prayers, scriptures and songs.
  12. YieldMore.org – a free information portal for meeting people committed to personal and societal well-being with 3 channels – Learn / Heal / Share and 4 mantras – Inspire / Curate / Promote / Publish
    • Forum / Chat – a forum / chat site for all members and persons interested in a Better Life. For now we are just collecting questions so write in to us. Some existing forums on stackexchange are:
      vegetarianism or
    • Volunteers and Donors – Find places to go and people to share/volunteer their time in orphanages, old-age homes special schools, etc.
    • Publish selections and summaries from books and entire works
    • Learn English and Culture through curated lists of movies, books, etc and find teachers for assessments and 1-1 sessions. We have 2 teachers already listed with us who can even take classes for groups of people. Our mp3 player is being enhanced as a lyrics trainer (with a loop feature) for people to learn songs and prayers.
    • Repository of inspirational information and ideas worth learning and sharing.
    • Ask people to embrace the path of Learn, Heal, Share, Experience/Emote/Express and Yield More, sharing their experiences with us and making videos/slides for the benefit of others<
    • Reaching out to people and encouraging them to begin a voyage of self discovery and self expression. Making them think of giving back / volunteering.
    • Spawn and support movements (yieldmore.org/movements) like Good Country, Build India, Loving Nature (Animal Rights) and Zero Waste / Recycling

– Initial: 22 Nov 2017 / Edited: 14 Jan 2018