Movie Pick #1

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#1 Dead Poets Society 1989 – the tragic story of a profeessor, ahead of his time, who tries and makes his students “suck the marrow out of life” by making them freethinkers.

2) Field of Dreams 1989 – Field of Dreams is sentimental, but in the best way; it’s a mix of fairy tale, baseball, life after death and family togetherness. I am rendered speechless in its vision and grandeur.

#3 K-PAX 2001 – alien? or basket case? or are the 2 inextriably linked? A story of psychology, spirituality, faith and redemption by “finding the blue bird of spring

#4 The Horse Whisperer 1998 – Robert Redford, Kristen Scott Thomas and Scarlett Johansson are inextricably linked in this story of a man (not unlike Monty Ferret) and his ability to get inside a horse’s head.

What Dreams May Come 1998
You Don’t Know Jack 2010