actiontv.inFix the problems that plague usJohn Lopez2018share
An independant no-nonsense News channel dedicated to building a better society and putting an end to information power-plays
ankuram-mandir.orgTemple for ChildrenSaakshi Sharma2018learn
To facilitate children towards living a life of connectedness and PURE JOY. To create a completely sustainable environment.
buildindiagroup.orgCultivate Good CitizenryBiraja Mahapatra2008share
A platform for spreading values and attitudes that foster oneness, acceptance, harmony and progressive thinking
childincorp.inHolistic Learning, SLDJayashree Ashoklearn
A centre for educating parents of children with Learning Difficulties and taking SLD techniques mainstream
gdmvindia.comFilms on Social CausesMuneer Ahamed2016learn
A Media house dedicated to helping organizations "tell their story" and creating stories on social causes
goodcountry.orgOne WorldSimon Anholt2013share
An idea that needs to spread like wildfire - that will, as we coalesce into one world (think Dapple)
healingforhaiti.orgHealth and HealingTImothy Snyder, APN2011heal
An American Charitable Organization trying to support healing by starting a clinic in a village Jonc Dodin
iandeye.inSharing VisionKiram Pamidimarry
An NGO that has adopted a few government hostels for the blind in Hydedrabad, South India
jobsfordyslexics.orgTurning Dyslexics "mainstream"Laura Cianci2013?learn
An American Organization that educates companies on the many benefits of employing dyslexics and the importance of inclusion.
ladyandalalumni.orgA YieldMore communityBatch of 20012018*
An alumni thats trying to synergize its members and inspire them to spread love and healing to the four corners of the world
overmanfoundation.orgIntegra Yoga (all life is Yoga)Anurag Banerjee2011learn
Online Institute dedicated to furthering the legacy of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual collaborator Mirra Alfassa
samatabooks.inBooks on SpiritualityVelury Sadanand1970slearn
The Personal Bookshop for all things inspiring from the Complete works of Adi Shankaracharya to Tantra/Aghora
satyamyogatrust.netPurify Meditate RealizeSn. Krishna Yogam1980sheal
A Yoga centre thats inspires its students to give back to society, sharing our wisdom of old
seamovement.orgHarmony with NatureRadhakrishnan2010heal
A movement currently supporting farmers that seeks to make us all environmentally aware and less impactful on nature
shareindia.orgSocial Work / EducationChristine Badshashare
Society for the Health, Awareness and Relief for Everyone
spanda.orgCatalyse Systemmic ChangeSahlan L Momo2008*
An International Civil Society Organization (ICSO) in the Hague to catalyse long-term systemmic change.
thecompassteam.inChild DevelopmentManoj Krishnanlearn
A specially developed program that does a comprehensive study of each student and works on behavioural and other issues
yieldmore.orgQuality of LifeImran N2013*
Founder and Chief Curator, Imran believes we can make the world a better place (for you and for me and the entire human race) if we begin to genuinely take interest in the lives of the people around us by giving the best of our learnings, time and ideas. Any person or organization that can be inspired to help themselves and their fellow beings live happier is dear to us.

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