1ImranPersonChief Curator9/1/2011*
Founder and Chief Curator, I devote every spare moment I can to which began to take shape in June 2013. I believe we can make the world a better place (for you and for me and the entire human race) if we begin to genuinely take interest in the lives of the people around us by giving the best of our learnings, time and ideas. Any person or organization that can be inspired to help themselves and their fellow beings live happier is dear to me. To see my 2016 intro, how I look or read the 2017 Jan note on YM, visit here: I write here:
2littleblueplanetPersonGaia, Spirit of Fire9/1/2011*
Lightworker whose formed these tattwas: simple living, artist, free thinker, dedicated mother, nurturer, rebel, heart-centered, evolver (that's my made up word for someone who is always evolving), yogi, silent.
3JayanPersonMentor and CoFounder12/1/2013*
Editor in Chief of all content, Jayan also oversees induction of new players and mentors, now from behind the veil.

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