Peace NOT War


Divisive and destructive thoughts in the Mind leads to Disease in Body, epidemic in the society and thus affects the sanctity of the Nation.”

A disputing divisive mind-set is a disease producing body and a hating mind-set is a self destructive cancer-inviting body.

Integrating Mind brings ease to the body allowing internal organs to function smoothly and to stay in perfect shape as a step towards an upgraded existence in the next Life.

Government that unite mankind by decisions that are kind to man are evidenced by peaceful progress their nation is making.

Oppressive governments polarizes citizens with “divide and rule” policy, pitting one against ‘the other’ and instigating fear and hatred in the name of caste and cultural difference. Their strategy is to subdue free choice, control and expand their support base. Such government and their blind active and the passive supporters ultimately lead their nations to ruin.

Let us be aware who we are choosing to head our beloved nation.

Let us vote for the government that talks of peace not war, a government that unites and integrates citizens, a government that promotes harmony, unity and equitable growth of all sections of civic society.

Yes, let our vote be for the government that is non divisive, treats all citizens equally and thus ensures well-being, harmony and abundance in the nation.

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“Hindu Rashtra”

Politics of “Religious” Polarisation has led to a view in People’s mind that there should be a separate “Hindu Rashtra”.

“When there can be Islamic and Christian countries, why not a “Hindu” Rashtra..? How erroneous is such an idea, can be realised by the following elaboration:
We know that, Hinduism isn’t a Religion in the first place. The word ‘HINDU’ implies people of ‘INDUS’ and is coined by the ‘Persians’ pointing to the Land abutting river ‘Indus’.

The Truth, not Religion, followed from Vedas is ‘Sanatan Dharma’ which means “Ever Existing Dharma” – This may however not be what we see being practiced by the people of ‘Indus’ called ‘Hindus’.

The Truth to All, not separate religions originated from ‘ever existing’ – “Sanatan” Dharma.
‘Sanatan Dharma’ therefore belongs to the entire Humanity to understand and revere the eternal truth. NO GROUP CAN CLAIM IT’S OWNERSHIP.

‘Sanatan Dharma’ does not divide humanity. The Upanishads sees the entire humanity as “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKKAM” implying ‘whole world humanity as ONE Family’.

As humans, we aught to grow beyond divisive concept of ‘Religions’ to embrace the eternal truth the Creator endowed us with.

Arabic word ISLAM implies then same eternal truth send down to people speaking Arabic and not as a separate religion to the geographical community of Arabs.

Thus, the ‘Vedas’ came to different people in their respective regional language. For Arabs, the Vedas came as ‘Quran’, for Christians, it came as ‘Bible’, for Jews, as ‘Torah’. – ‘The Creator never fails to send down Guidance to Mankind’.

ISLAM is not founded by Prophet Mohammed. As a seeker of truth, Mohammed led himself to discover what was already there from before.

The word ‘Islam’ means ‘Submission to Peace’ and ‘Muslims’ means, those on the path of Peace. So truly, anyone who submits to the path of Peace is ‘to be a Muslim’.


If we patiently study each scripture, we will find in all, same message of ‘Universal Compassion’.

This is the truth. Creator is ONE. We are Children of Same Eternal God – the Guide and Protector of entire Creation.

It is those who form ‘Groups’ and find ‘comfort’ in it, create ‘Religions’ for Social Security, They are the Rejecters of the ‘Truth’ (Dharma).Their Pride makes them reject. As Rejecters, they harbour fear, hatred, and envy for “the other”. They refuse to recognise the sameness in those outside their ‘group’ (Religion).

“They worship their own created God and not the God that created them”.

By rejecting True God, they are cursed to bring self destruction and become “dumb, deaf and blind” to the truth and harm their own existence in This, and the Next world.

Those who read this, think and ponder, will most certainly chose to agree, for Truth resides in every heart as it’s own proof.


Dear Fellow Human

link: Update from Simon Anholt / Madedline Hung of the Good Country, Jul 12th

We’ve lived with hangovers of the dark ages for long enough. Every decade since the worldwide revolution of the 60s has shown us increase in our ability to love, think of, and act selflessly for one another.

Time to up the ante and truly become ONE WORLD. Harmonize the conflicts. Soothe the hurts. Grow in oneness and come always from a direction of caring.

How we long to be our brother’s keeper. And to keep our sisters happy. But we’re going to need some help coming together if we’re going to make the world work. Many of us have longed for it. Some even striven for it.

Enter my friend Simon and this virtual country he is proposing. 200000 citizens for a start from all parts of the world. Speaking different languages, practising different faiths, all unique expressions of the highest beauty nature and evolution have to offer.

True believers in the power of an idea to change the world. We are after all the architects of our future lives and of this Earth’s destiny…

“We would not think of battle that reduces us to sub-humans. So easy to begin but then impossible to end”. ~ Uriah Heep

None can stop the march of evolution. And as Eru says: “nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined.” ~ Tolkien

George Carlin talks of the divine plan too and remember that we are heading back to regaining a glorious past. A golden age. The final establishment of a Kingdom of Heaven when we will realise and attune ourselves fully to our divine origins.

It falls on us blessed with faith and abundance to help pave this way forward. Become the forerunners of all our future selves. Healers, Thinkers, Artists, Builders, Labourers, Teachers, Parents, Statesmen ad infinitum.

There is much beauty in this world and healing in the depths of time.

Time to turn that page, let go of that hurt, rise up and make our creator proud as we go back to our illimitable origins.

Regaining Faith

In the old world, husbands and wives clung to each other. They knew how tough it was to build a marriage, so would do almost anything to keep it together. So if you are mutually unhappy, maybe it’s not your marriage that’s broken but your relationship with your own selves.

And reflecting that base irreconcilability within you is a less than passable relationship with everyone else.

If everything were fine, we wouldn’t let disconnect and doubt sow her seeds. Mostly self doubt.

The problems of marriage are seemingly many but at the kernel of them is a lack of communication. We need to go to the roots of the problem. That is not always easy and some would say not worth the effort.

While some would say when kids are involved it’s better to have a clean break than let the kid grow up watching an unsuccessful marriage take it’s toll on both parents, this writer begs to differ. Define a perfect marriage or show me one where there isn’t give and take.

In cases where there is a monster possessing one party and the other is too weak, frail or timid to drive it away I would say ok part ways.

And to those that didn’t look deep enough before leaping I may say did you “try and get the feeling again”? Forget the past and all it didn’t bring.

All it needs is two pliable souls… then ask yourself how pliable you are and who is willing to go further to get back together again. And by together I mean the “happily ever after” kind not “we barely talk but atleast live in the same house”…

So, she cheated on you… twice… just when you were recovering from that bout of depression. Or he couldn’t care tuppence when you lost your 12 year old cat – Tom. Or she beat you on the head because she was having a meltdown and no one including her realized she needed serious help.

Was it love or was it the idea of being in love? What got us started on this road? How well did we know ourselves, our feelings and our desires? Do we as yet?

Just as in life, in relationships we must embrace change. Build love on a base of constancy but be ready to adapt. Fail to and one day you will wonder what just hit you. We grow older and more bone weary – some couples are fortunate to find new love as life wears on, but everyone has too work at it.

So keep working on who you are, reflect on what drives you and on what makes you tick. Then think of family or an uncle who is no more and somewhere in the midst of it all perhaps you will regain you faith and decide to stay on and fix things. Whatever your choice I hope it’s one you can live with and that it’s founded in love