Body, Mind and Feel

The comfort for the body is a Peaceful Mind.

Mind is peaceful when it stays connected with the INSPIRING FEEL of the Soul.

Our ‘Peaceful FEEL of the Soul is hijacked.

1. When we follow crowd or rush where there is a queue.

2. When we borrow for pleasures of today to repay with pain.

3. When we grieve, worry, fear, get angered or stressed.

4. When we experience ‘disgust in envy’, ‘restlessness in greed’ and ‘arrogance in pride’.

Let us therefore, learn to follow the INSPIRING FEEL (Soul) that guides the Mind to stay, or go where we can breathe free as ‘individuals’ and not suffocate as ‘personalities’ in crowd.

Let us not surrender to ‘impulse of provocations’ and barter our peace for temporary pleasures.

Let us pause and focus on the ‘Inspiring Feel’ when ‘provoked by envy’, ‘tempted by greed’ or ‘blinded with pride of identity’.

The ‘pause’ will prevent our Soul – FEEL from getting hijacked and keep us in peace and in one piece.

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Keep Smiling

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youtube: Practice 2 (2 Sep)

Dear Beloved,

We live in blessed magical times. Look around and you will see the best the best of all that technology has to offer you. Look beyond the technology to see the people behind it – people like you and I – human beings – we are after all a species showing promise. We’ve been to the moon and back, but sometimes fail to look at it, speak to or encourage one another.

Now why is that? It’s simply because we fail to see a body we can relate to – another person full of dreams, ambitions and desires – never lose the human touch. At the end of the day, it’s all that we will be remembered for. Live well, laugh often and love much. Love what you do, love to talk about things that you are going to do – even if it’s trivial silly stuff. Enjoy the ride – it’s going to take you places and show you things. Open your hearts and minds to life – in the end, you will find it’s all been worth your while – every turn of phrase, every leaf and ant bite. When we were young (or sometime shortly thereafter), we discover a fire inside it. Watch it grow and win things for you for it makes it possible for you to dream of the stars and beyond. Don’t worry about up’s and down’s in life – they all serve a purpose – to just tell you what stern stuff you are made of. There are ways to get help in any situation. All it needs is a friendly smile and a “brother/sister – I’m in trouble and I need some help”. Smile from the heart and see how much people will move Heaven and Earth to make you happy again. Not everyone, not right away – that’s because we’re all caught up in our own lives – make allowances for that too – but don’t for heaven’s sake lose your positivity, your humanity or your passion.

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Nobility Enriches The Soul

“Nobility Enriches The Soul”

Each night, when the family retires to sleep, It is usual for me to just get couple of hours sleep and wake-up midway during the night.
This has been the daily routine. In the stillness of the night, I pass my wakefulness sometimes browsing the net and sometimes getting inspired to ponder, reflect and contemplate on right-wrong, good-bad, appropriate – inappropriate in life.
One such night, I experienced a strange chest pain, while pondering continued, the pain seem to worsen – such as if the heart is giving way and will stop functioning.

So that was it! – It seemed as if the life is going to end, and “the Soul” would part from the body.

Feeling the pain, the mind sought an answer: “As a soul, what will I carry with me after I leave the body?”

Suddenly words as thoughts, flashed in my mind, “nobility enriches the soul”, the words enthralled me. It seemed like an enlightenment. Noble acts of my family in my lifetime flashed and explained many things as purpose in life and also as purpose of life.
Felt I should record the realisation by writing it down, but paining chest disabled me from writing. The pain seemed like an alarm that the soul would leave anytime and the heart would stop functioning.

Walking seemed to give relief. I continued to walk up and down.

The light in my daughter’s room was on. It occurred to me, since I am unable to write, why not share this inspiration to my daughter so that she can share ‘my last words’ that summarised what the Soul will carry from life.

Entering her room, I spoke, “Sakina, may I share something different with you? Would you listen?
Getting her nod, I began, as if, dictating my last words to record them in her mind so that she can share it with other’s when I would be ‘no more’ the next day.

Having poured the flowing thoughts with instances that flashed my mind, I returned to my room and prayed to Allah, “you flashed in my mind an interesting point on purpose of life, why not I continue to live and share this message with people?
The heart pain stopped. I continued to stay awake till the break of the dawn.

(This incident happened around mid of Dec. 2017.

God or Godliness


Religion stopped making sense to me ever since I started reflecting and pondering on the purpose of religious rituals.

I am standing for prayers behind the priest but my mind is elsewhere. In a large group doing what is called “a congregational prayer”- standing, bending, sitting, prostrating as per the call in front, just like performing a military drill and I ponder, is prayer the thought in mind or movement of the body?

I had heard of obligatory pilgrimage. This too was a question in my mind, if God is the creator of the Universe and is Omniscient, Omnipotent, sees everything and is everywhere, how could some geographical location be stipulated as HOLY and the place crowded with people pushing each other be a Holy act?

To take up such a pilgrimage, substantial cost is involved and therefore one has to allocate a financial budget and save money. For a truly religious person, this may never be possible. Besides, in India and many other countries, there is a wide disparity between ‘Have’ and the ‘Have not’s. How can anyone ignore the needs of living humans and consider visiting a non-living structure or monument as divine?

During my reflective adolescent years, I use to share such predicament with religious elders and they seem to spontaneously agree that kind deeds are like performing the Pilgrimage itself.

Thus by questioning, the answers came and validated my stance.

The next thing that didn’t make sense was the “Fixed Time Prayers.” upon referring the Scripture, the message from its verses clearly implied being PRAYERFUL at all times. And to pray, one has to have the need and intention to pray. For a true believer, this would certainly be at all times for God is needed every moment and in every breath.

Upon regular reflection of the verses in the Holy Scripture, the crux of the message was to ponder on the purpose of Creation. And to realise this truth, one must FIRST LEARN TO REJECT THE FALSE.

An incident happened that led to clearly realise THE FALSE.

During January 2007, I was amidst close relative marriage function in Chennai. A seventeen years old shy girl from Gujarat was among the guests of this family. There was a sudden change in the behaviour of this girl in the middle of these functions. The teenager, who otherwise was very timid, became extremely aggressive, violent and started blabbering abusive nonsense.

As a close relative, I got involved in helping the family and referred the girl to a psychiatrist. In the process, out of curiosity, I

read a book on Abnormal Psychology, where this issue was termed ‘Schizophrenia’, – a psychotic disorder defined as “absence of reality in a UNCONSCIOUS state.”

The moment I pondered over this term, it dawned on me almost like a flash, yet another psychotic disorder! and this “disorder” has affected great many people of this world and is “the ORDER” in the society.

Yes, I am referring to RELIGION as a Psychotic Disorder for here people do things which are like ABSENCE OF REALITY IN A CONSCIOUS STATE – a mindless practice of rituals and traditions carried down from their ancestors.

Why is Religion Psychotic? Religion is psychotic, for instead of harmony, the difference in religious practices is promotes disharmony – dividing people and becoming the cause of killing and war.

An individual with a psychotic disorder is called schizophrenic, whereas a community of people with this mental disorder is called ‘Religion.’

Religion has come into existence by people who lack belief in God as an inseparable part of them.

The disbelief instilled fear and scarcity mentality in them, to hide which, they organized themselves with a boundary defined ‘Order’ to feel secure socially.

To hide hypocrisy and protect their falsehood, they also became intolerant to the needs and views of “others.” Religion is thus a MASK people wear for social security at a cost getting eluded (blindfolded) from experiencing spiritual security.

Spirituality is to be one with the Creator, and see all creation as a wonder. Spirituality produce do good feeling for all – sharing and expending oneself in service of others.

These realization began my Spiritual Growth; I withdrew from the ‘masked, inauthentic, blindfolded mass’ and became an individual, living life ‘actually’ instead of ‘ritually’ and became rational instead of ‘traditional.’

I realised what inspired me to ponder, reflect and think is within me and governing me. God is not separate from me and thereby searching for God replaced the feeling of the Godliness within.

This existence we are experiencing is because of the breath of life force infused in us. We breathe; feel hunger, thirst and the need to rest by the design and Will of God.

We are integrated phenomena of creation. “I am part of a whole” – I make choices to stay peaceful while experiencing the journey of life and behaving as per passion inspired in me.

When l know what my mind choses to perceive gets manifested, the fear of scarcity is no longer there – for I attract what I need or want.

Life is all about learning and evolving rather than earning and hoarding.

Through pondering, my perception of “who I am” changed.

I realised, I am a spiritual growing organism experiencing a human existence.

In shape and form, I am identified differently as I progress through life. I am called a ‘baby, a child, a teenager and an adult.’

Before being a ‘baby,’ I am housed in an extension of me called a ‘woman,’ and before that, a part of me was in a ‘man.’ Separated, I get a different identity.

I have no control over me; I need to breathe and survive. And therefore I am relentlessly seeking to consume what I see around as food and water.

I see others like me breathing and seeking food and water to survive.

Each has a Mind to distinguish between Right and Wrong and an Independent Free Will to choose.

Through choice, some remain as an ‘Individual’ drawing energy from the Source (the spiritual feel within). Some reject and believe in ‘what one sees outside as matter.’

Those who reject the ‘feel within,’ adopt ‘roles’ to get and manage their needs.

Such form groups to become enemy of each other.

They divide and bound themselves as religions, nations, rules, policies, rituals and systems to ultimately self destroy.

And yet individually in each, there is a heart that seeks to integrate with the other.

In each there’s a sense that seeks beauty in the surroundings.

Each in a body form is a physical manifestation of life force that seeks to multiply itself – the male part seeking to join with female part.

Each is me in different reflections, ‘me’ coming back to me. My own choice is creating me and is experiencing the human existence.

In conclusion, it is my choice to stay inspired as an individual ‘adhering to feel within’ that elevates me in Wellness and Wisdom leading me to an ever evolving destiny of the universal force called Creator.