“Hindu Rashtra”

Politics of “Religious” Polarisation has led to a view in People’s mind that there should be a separate “Hindu Rashtra”.

“When there can be Islamic and Christian countries, why not a “Hindu” Rashtra..? How erroneous is such an idea, can be realised by the following elaboration:
We know that, Hinduism isn’t a Religion in the first place. The word ‘HINDU’ implies people of ‘INDUS’ and is coined by the ‘Persians’ pointing to the Land abutting river ‘Indus’.

The Truth, not Religion, followed from Vedas is ‘Sanatan Dharma’ which means “Ever Existing Dharma” – This may however not be what we see being practiced by the people of ‘Indus’ called ‘Hindus’.

The Truth to All, not separate religions originated from ‘ever existing’ – “Sanatan” Dharma.
‘Sanatan Dharma’ therefore belongs to the entire Humanity to understand and revere the eternal truth. NO GROUP CAN CLAIM IT’S OWNERSHIP.

‘Sanatan Dharma’ does not divide humanity. The Upanishads sees the entire humanity as “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKKAM” implying ‘whole world humanity as ONE Family’.

As humans, we aught to grow beyond divisive concept of ‘Religions’ to embrace the eternal truth the Creator endowed us with.

Arabic word ISLAM implies then same eternal truth send down to people speaking Arabic and not as a separate religion to the geographical community of Arabs.

Thus, the ‘Vedas’ came to different people in their respective regional language. For Arabs, the Vedas came as ‘Quran’, for Christians, it came as ‘Bible’, for Jews, as ‘Torah’. – ‘The Creator never fails to send down Guidance to Mankind’.

ISLAM is not founded by Prophet Mohammed. As a seeker of truth, Mohammed led himself to discover what was already there from before.

The word ‘Islam’ means ‘Submission to Peace’ and ‘Muslims’ means, those on the path of Peace. So truly, anyone who submits to the path of Peace is ‘to be a Muslim’.


If we patiently study each scripture, we will find in all, same message of ‘Universal Compassion’.

This is the truth. Creator is ONE. We are Children of Same Eternal God – the Guide and Protector of entire Creation.

It is those who form ‘Groups’ and find ‘comfort’ in it, create ‘Religions’ for Social Security, They are the Rejecters of the ‘Truth’ (Dharma).Their Pride makes them reject. As Rejecters, they harbour fear, hatred, and envy for “the other”. They refuse to recognise the sameness in those outside their ‘group’ (Religion).

“They worship their own created God and not the God that created them”.

By rejecting True God, they are cursed to bring self destruction and become “dumb, deaf and blind” to the truth and harm their own existence in This, and the Next world.

Those who read this, think and ponder, will most certainly chose to agree, for Truth resides in every heart as it’s own proof.

– saifysaraiya@gmail.com

Keep Smiling

youtube: Practice 1 (15 June)
youtube: Practice 2 (2 Sep)

Dear Beloved,

We live in blessed magical times. Look around and you will see the best the best of all that technology has to offer you. Look beyond the technology to see the people behind it – people like you and I – human beings – we are after all a species showing promise. We’ve been to the moon and back, but sometimes fail to look at it, speak to or encourage one another.

Now why is that? It’s simply because we fail to see a body we can relate to – another person full of dreams, ambitions and desires – never lose the human touch. At the end of the day, it’s all that we will be remembered for. Live well, laugh often and love much. Love what you do, love to talk about things that you are going to do – even if it’s trivial silly stuff. Enjoy the ride – it’s going to take you places and show you things. Open your hearts and minds to life – in the end, you will find it’s all been worth your while – every turn of phrase, every leaf and ant bite. When we were young (or sometime shortly thereafter), we discover a fire inside it. Watch it grow and win things for you for it makes it possible for you to dream of the stars and beyond. Don’t worry about up’s and down’s in life – they all serve a purpose – to just tell you what stern stuff you are made of. There are ways to get help in any situation. All it needs is a friendly smile and a “brother/sister – I’m in trouble and I need some help”. Smile from the heart and see how much people will move Heaven and Earth to make you happy again. Not everyone, not right away – that’s because we’re all caught up in our own lives – make allowances for that too – but don’t for heaven’s sake lose your positivity, your humanity or your passion.

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