Gothra (Vedic Genetics)

Added: 15 May 2018

Science behind Gotra (Genetics);

What is Gotra system?

Why do we have this ? Why do we consider this to decide marriages?

Why should sons carry the gotra of father, why not daughter?

How/why does gotra of a daughter change after she gets married ?

What is the logic ?

Infact this is an amazing genetic science we follow.
Let’s see the science of genetics behind gotra systems.

The word GOTRA formed from two sanskrit words GAU (means cow) and Trahi (means shed).

Gotra means cowshed.

Gotra is like cowshed protecting a particular male lineage. We identify our male lineage / gotra by considering to be descendants of the 8 great Rishi (Sapta rishi + Bharadwaj rishi). All the other gotra evolved from these only.
Biologically, human body has 23 pairs of chromosomes (one from father and one from mother) on these 23 pairs, there is one pair called sex chromosomes which decides the gender of person.

During conception if the resultant cell is XX chromosomes then the child will be girl, if it is XY then it is boy.

In XY – X is from mother and Y is from father.

In this Y is unique and it doesn’t mix. So in XY, Y will suppress the X and son will get Y chromosomes. Y is the only chromosome which gets passed down only between male lineage. (Father to Son and to Grandson).
Women never gets Y. Hence Y plays a crucial role in genetics in identifying the genealogy. Since women never get Y the Gotra of the woman is said to be of her husband.

They are 8 diff Y chromosomes from 8 Rishis. If we are from Same Gotra then it means we are from same root ancestor.

Marriages between same Gotra will increase the risk of causing genetic disorders as same Gotra Y chromosomes cannot have crossover and it will activate the defective cells.

If this continues, it will reduce the size and strength of Y chromosome which is crucial for the creation of male.

If no Y chromosome is present in this world, then it will cause males to become extinct.
So Gotra system is a method to avoid genetic disorders and attempt to protect Y chromosome.

Have Faith, the Game is not Over yet!

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This letter basically says – life is like a game of football, have faith in God, the manager of the game becuase the final whistle hasn’t been blown yet.

Je regardais un match de football dans un terrain de jeu d’une école.
Quand je me suis assis, j’ai demandé à un des garçons le score.
Avec un sourire, il a répondu; “Ils nous mènent 3-0”!
Et je lui ai dit, vraiment !! Je vois que tu n’es pas découragé.
“Découragé?” me demanda le garçon avec un regard perplexe…
Pourquoi devrais-je être découragé quand l’arbitre n’a pas sifflé le coup de sifflet final?
Je fais confiance à l’équipe et à nos managers;
Nous allons certainement surmonter!
En vérité, le match a pris fin 4-5 en faveur de l’équipe du garçon!
Il m’a fait un signe avec un beau sourire quand il partait.
Je fus étonné, la bouche grande ouverte; Une telle confiance;
Cette belle foi;
Quand je suis rentré à la maison ce soir-là, sa question me revenait:
«Pourquoi devrais-je être découragé quand l’arbitre n’a pas sifflé le coup de sifflet final?”
La vie est comme un jeu.
Pourquoi devriez-vous être découragés quand Dieu Tout-Puissant est notre manager?
Pourquoi devriez-vous être découragés, quand il y a encore la vie?
Pourquoi devriez-vous être découragés quand votre coup de sifflet final n’a pas sonné?
La vérité est que beaucoup de gens sifflent leur propre coup de sifflet final.
Mais tant qu’il y a la vie, rien n’est impossible et il n’est jamais trop tard pour nous.
La mi-temps n’est pas la fin du match et son calendrier pour notre vie n’est pas le calendrier de l’homme.
Ne sifflez pas le coup de sifflet final vous même.

Avec Dieu, tout est encore possible!

Positive Balanced Thinking

We have conflicting thoughts which create thought formations that linger in our sub-conscious. If we keep feeding in negative thoughts, these formations become stronger and change the very tone of our thinking.

Positive in, negative out – in this manner, we can change our perception of the world around us. It’s beautiful if only we learn to “accept the good” and “omit the negative“.

We encourage every person to discover an inner tranquility that could come from gardening, healthy discussion, prayer, meditation, music, chanting, physical exercise or simply sitting with a good book or lying next to a loved one.

Whatever brings us peace, we should seek to create an opportunity for it to manifest in our daily lives, for it is a very basic need of re-creation. Purging the negative is difficult when we are so used to hearing and reading about it and dwelling on it. What we need is to find an inner source – sometimes based on faith – of positivity and dynamic action. This doesn’t happen in a day. We suggest slowly filtering out negative news and this cluttered and overwhelming overload of information.

Our brain has 2 sides – the left and the right. One works by logic and one by intuition. One develops skill, the other art / craft. What we need is to develop skillful art and artful skill (depending on which hemisphere is more dominant when we begin the process of balancing them). Any ambidextrous activity like swimming or yoga is one step in this direction. There are programs, exercises and activities that help to synchronise / balance the hemispheres.

Positive, balanced thinking is the need of the hour and cannot be achieved if we do not find an inner source of strength and a constructive path to action – to win our dreams, whatever they may be. I say to you, be creative and bold in your dream selection and begin with a positive affirmation, like mine.