Infinite Space

It might sound clichéd but a happy childhood does lay the foundation for rest of your life. Bedtime stories, picnics by river, Sunday mornings out might sound old-fashioned and boring in the 21st century but they still paint a pretty happy picture of a happy childhood. But how do we take our children away from their gadgets and virtual world and truly bond with them? Infinite Space deals with games that are guaranteed to instill in kids a healthy sense of learning, competition and communication, while having fun hand in hand. Technology and gadgets in today’s world while having some benefits also create serious distraction and limit people time with each other. That is where Infinite Space comes in picture. Founded in 2015, Infinite Space is on a mission to develop games and activities that can bring families together, help them bond and connect and make learning truly fun. From ten minutes to several hours, depending upon the luxury of time that you have, you can now spend quality time with your children doing something they will learn from and actually enjoy. Each product is well re-searched and has been developed by a team comprising of teachers, doctors and professionals in the areas of development psychology. The focus is to help children become more confident, comfortable in expressing their feelings and thoughts and develop creativity in a playful manner- without any of the usual pressure of ‘learning’. So be it a family game or workshops, Infinite Space has your childhood covered!

Spirit of the Earth


At our 40-acre organic farm in Manjakkudi, Kumbakonam, we cultivate heritage, artisanal, non-hybrid rice, using purely organic practices. Rich in nutrients, these organically grown grains are pesticide-free and also in turn protect our soil. At our fields, located in the heart of the janma-bhoomi of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, we hand-select only the best quality seeds. We harvest only twice a year during the traditional harvesting season in the rain-fed, sun-kissed paddy field to ensure the highest quality.

“It is nice to hear that there are organizations helping the society with medical value organic rice” –
sayeth one customer