Spontaneous Love

Cluck Cluck

Imran, 8th October 2018

The chicken crossed the road which was
To teach the Swine that pearls could cause
A shift in consciousness
Be pliant else end in a mess

Soup I’m in day in and day out
O what a life to live life without
the simplest of things – say cluck cluck
Live a little touched else drown in the muck

Roads come and go then we land in a street
Little birdies come to us and say tweet tweet
Pearls we don’t take anymore from the deep
For mother nature should not have to weep

At the rape of her body, this gentle little earth
Penguins abound, and seagulls at Tom’s hearth
Mud clings to our boots and lice to our hair
Eagles in their eyeries and lions in their lair

Donald duck turned 85 last winter
Skippy 45, now retired from the theatre
Lady Gaga causes my blood to boil
For all the musicians who ever didst toil