Education Forum (Network of PTAs)

Description: Decribes how, for education to flourish, the Parent, Administrator, Child and Teacher must all work in unison.

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YieldMore - PACT Invitation - [in progress]

First described here, PACT, the #EducationForum is an acronym representing the 4 pillars of the education system viz: Parent | Administrator | Child | Teacher.

We now invite teachers and parents of a school to form groups and meet regularly together and share their insights / activities with other groups across the pact network. The idea is for them to

  • form a support network in their school.
  • Interact with other schools and education systems to compare notes and share learnings.
  • To consider creating a "flavour" of Joyland in their school / circle.
  • Flood the Forum (Google Group) with questions, links and resources.
  • Compile a list of reviews of programs, workshops and videos relevant for themselves. (PACT contributions to the Public Interest Network Ads / Conscious Marketplace).

For more information on how to setup a Chapter / Center and what value PACT adds to the education sector see The Definitive PACT Guide.