1ImranPersonChief Curator9/1/2011*
Founder and Chief Curator, Imran is the driving force behind this venture. He has ample support from friends, family and many mentors who choose not to be named. A Catholic with a Lutheran Padre, his objective is to symbiose the religions, harmonizing them and lifting the sparkling mountain water from the mud.
2littleblueplanetPersonGaia, Spirit of Fire9/1/2011*
Lightworker whose formed these tattwas: simple living, artist, free thinker, dedicated mother, nurturer, rebel, heart-centered, evolver (that's my made up word for someone who is always evolving), yogi, silent.
3JayanPersonMentor and CoFounder12/1/2013*
Editor in Chief of all content, Jayan also oversees induction of new players and mentors, now from behind the veil.

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