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Gleanings from an ardent seeker of Sophia everywhere. A student for the last 20 years, hes an avid reader as well as a healer. To see various posts by him, scroll below the pictures on the left.

The picture is of his Guru, Vadapalani Paranjyothi Baba and another seer Mooku Podi Siddhar.


Imran’s Essays

Started in June 2017 with the exception of copyfight (2013) and tripping (2005), this is a collection of essays written by founder Imran.


Notes on Life

Small nuggets on life by Veena. See the Nav for more



Assorted articles by contributors and well wishers.


Shasas Speeches

These are a collection of speeches by Shasa, the voice of YieldMore.org

His first was at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Seattle, Sunday Nov 17th 2013. He sang a few lines of Cliff Richard’s Sing a Song of Freedom (coinciding with Father Gary’s talk about the word of God). Then read out his Poem Amore and read a few lines from the Wall By Kansas. This was also the first public declaration of the purpose of Yield More.

Second was at a cousin’s wedding reception in Bangalore on the 31st of Jul 2015. Just a reading of Gratitude for Partners followed by a few quotes.