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"We commit ourselves to personal growth and self-expression and encourage people to discover the joy of living inspired purposeful lives." - Imran

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I stand here today tired of divides and clutter and the negative. If one man can dare us all to rebuild the universe and another says "lets make the world work", then what more unalloyed joy than in trying?

I'm far from knowing much but that didn't stop Jimmy Wales. So I say let's collaborate and give shape to our collective dreams - that of peace, knowing, loving and doing.

Jnana, Bhakti and Karma, - the 3 paths to communion with the Divine Godhead within us all.

We have a mission to complete, a new height to reach, a balance to be found - personally, as a community and as a species. Our's is just another movement in that direction.

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Movements - causes we care about.

  • Curation - the best songs, books, movies and poems we've accumulated. With excerpts, summaries and links to buy.
  • Express - articles and videos by people who write for us / we've been in touch with.
  • Ideas - ideas of import from religions, metaphysics and philosophy.
  • Promote - Helping improve someone's quality of life? We will engage with you and promote you.
  • Learn - skills, hobbies, recreational activities, art, education, vocational development, organizational excellence.
  • Heal - health, healing and medicine, natural remedies, parenting, counselling, psychology, leadership, harmony.
  • Share - helping other people with our time, love & resources.

# 4 Channels


People's Alliance for Children and Teachers

...trying to unite people
& impart well-rounded
knowledge & individualistic
thinking amongst our youth


YieldMore School for Positive Thinking

they search their whole lives
for that inner space, to bring
them closer to perfection”
- Jimmy Messina


Journals of Social Work

a social worker and a counsellor to
be made accessible to every school child
[and adult] everywhere!
Prof PJ Naidu


Peaceworks & Snaploy

mentoring, training,
guiding and counselling!
becoming better at
work... and life...