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LOVE is the force that will bring us to a brighter tomorrow

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Alliances for a Golden World

Alliances for a golden world is a dream to unite the genuine charities and individuals of this world.

Based on Dear Brother, Imran's first revelation for, 10,000 LOVING MOVEMENTS are going to change the status quo and make humankind's life on Earth Paradise Like once more.

All the scriptures and prophets have confirmed it. But we need to survive our technological adolescece and use our tools to enact new themes of kindness. LOVE is the force that will bring us to a brighter tomorrow.

If you are a Visionary Leader or a Progressive thinking Community / Charity / Conscious Business and want to join the councils of others like you, please fill in this form.

Do read the Lightworker Guidelines and FAQs before signing up.

When you reach out to your readers and volunteers, encourage them to track their activity on the lightworker specific "enthusiast" form (listed below) so we all know who is being helped and how.

You may subscribe to our group and then send an introduction email to

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