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Bhairava Foundation, Chennai - by Anjali Sharma

Bhairava Foundation - [Bhairava]

Why Bhairava Foundation? We in tamil community have the guardian of dog, we call him as Bhairava. And we wanted guard them by giving them foods to eat everyday.

And yes, she's (the pic) the main reason for me and my family to start feeding stray dogs around my housing area near setia alam. Before the MCO we have started to feeding her and fur kids, then we don't wanna let them starve as no restaurant is on operation, so we change our reschedule to feel them every single day and this became our daily routine here at home.

It's a different feeling by looking at their faces when we try to come near them and the amount of satisfaction while looking them having the meal. I wanna thank the universe for this chance to give this soul to live happily around us.