YM is at BEGINNINGS - this means that while we do have some IDEAS, none have been adopted (because of us) yet. And while we are trying to champion CAUSES with our #DirectDonations idea, no one has (because of us) come forward to SUPPORT anyone YET. Just to set a realistic picture! Yes, we plan to be in business another few hundred years and have a long roadmap. Officially, our journey began on Aug 10th 2013 with Imran.

Cascade FLS

Description: Run by Mrs Vidya Shankar, Cascade Family Learning Society facilitates Montessori Home Schooling.

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The Montessori Orientation and Practice course by Mrs Vidya Shankar of Cascade FLS is done for batches of 15 to 20 people over a year and includes the following. For details please write to cascadefls@gmail.com.

  • Human needs and tendencies Planes of development
    Situational analysis of children in India - Rights, Legislations and safeguards
    Introduction to Montessori
  • Starting from Year zero, path to self construction, infant and toddler videos
    Early childhood practices in Ancient times
    Silence Exercise
    Aid To Life
  • Childhood to adolescence - chapters 1 to 4
    Relationship - what is it, what to expect, how to build.
  • Education for a new world
    What parents need to know about Child behaviour
  • Absorbent Mind - Chap 1 to 4
    Montessori videos
  • Understanding the Human Being
    The normalised child and Normalised parent
    Angeline Lillard
  • Absorbent Mind Chapters 5 to 10
    Second plane child
  • Diwaswapn (daydreaming)
    History of schooling
    Child in Nature
  • Visit to Auroville Kindergarten
  • Childhood to Adolescence - 5 to 10
    Doorways to Lifelong learning
    Summary of Course content learning by participants