YM is at BEGINNINGS - this means that while we do have some IDEAS, none have been adopted (because of us) yet. And while we are trying to champion CAUSES with our #DirectDonations idea, no one has (because of us) come forward to SUPPORT anyone YET. Just to set a realistic picture! Yes, we plan to be in business another few hundred years and have a long roadmap. Officially, our journey began on Aug 10th 2013 with Imran.

WoW Centres (Appeal / Overview)

Description: Originally called Joyland, Wish Centres facilitate personal healing and growth by integrating approaches from multiple disciplines.

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WoW (Wish On, World) Centres are integrated discovery, discussion, interaction, teaching, consulting, practice and rejuvenation centers where no distinction is made between caregiver / receiver (think k-pax).

All are learners, teachers, healers and philanthropists just at varying levels of skillset development and healing.

WoW In Depth Guide

Wish On, World - Centres [formerly Joyland] - An In Depth Introduction

WoW Slideshow

The mid 2019 Series of pages can be seen here yieldmore.org/sites/joyland/