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Our 4 sources of Income

To Prospective Investors

10k x 3 months minimum from each for 2 years and monthly emails on how the monies to be spent / whose time is being funded. All investors agree that if payouts don't begin after 2 years, money is written off as well tried / spent.

Profit Sharing

This is in 5 parts after execution team is paid in part upto 50%.

Imaginative Ways to Collaborate

Chances are, you are already doing some good work and would benefit largely from a common network where your "changemaker" profile spells out clearly what your contribution is to society and what your needs are.

Current Budget - 4 lakhs upto December 2023

Imran fulltime @ 80k per month. Heir trains @ 20k pm.

Basic Profile — Rs 1000

A banner + profile picture, card, short presentation and 1 page writeup.

Extended Profile — Rs 5000

A page looking like amadeus builder or yieldmore 2022. Custom designs extra.

1500 per hour from the 4th hour

Media Kit — Rs 6000

Banner, logo and visiting card design.

Social Media Creation — Rs 4000

Create YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and do basic training on usage for newbies.

Monthly Promotion — Rs 5000 pm

We will promote you on all our social media and include updates from you in our monthly digest.

Half Day Support — Rs 3000

Any work to extend your profile and help with content / media etc.

Web Design and Development — Rs 35000 starting

Setup, Content, Programming, Media etc.

Mainly uses Amadeus with and for apps/databases.

10k annnual hosting and platform fees

Commissions — 15%

we in turn support multiple causes and develop / execute ideas.