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"Community Outreach Program"

Convened by YMLN we, together aim to tackle the problems of Houselessness and Hunger and aid Animal Kindness in various communities.

The Video Script

The Concept Note (April 23rd)

What if some media savvy youngsters, a few forward thinking restaurants and some charitable organisations could unite and launch a publicity campaign to ask the general public to champion houselessness, hunger and care for animals.

We see these every day on the streets but no-one knows what to do or who to contact and a poor person stays on the streets a day longer when there is in fact a generous soul nearby who would take them to a home or buy them a meal.

I would love to pay 2x for every meal I ate if it meant someone was not going to be hungry that day.

People could request a pack of visiting cards and leave them with persons they see on the road who would be told to "call this number" to know more about or to be moved when they decide to go. Homeless people and those who hock or beg cannot be forced to move but they need to be educated on their options.

The same visiting cards can be given to restaurants who would like to opt in for this "pay a meal forward" scheme and share it with their patrons as well.

Videos can be made encouraging people to volunteer on offline drives to bring in homeless people to shelters, scout the streets looking for distressed animals and humans.

Police and other civil servants can be made aware of these campaigns and support hotlines made in each city.