Imran Ali Namazi

Imran writes from his heart, hoping to engage in meaningful conversation, and perhaps even help.


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From 2013 to 2020, a keen desire to establish YieldMore.org led me into several dead ends, made me think that by saying a few words, I had actually achieved something, filled my ego and drove away a lot of people who found me irrelevant, wordy or toxic.

Now in April 2020 I am once again at beginnings, but I've learnt a few life's lessons, skills, self confidence and to trust my instincts that yes, a better tomorrow for all is possible. I still think uniting people with a warm heart and a vision for mankind would be supercool - perhaps this will happen more and more in my lifetime.

I am excited that a community site my.yieldmore.org is now open to supporters, visitors and critics alike.

While I develop my own skills, genial disposition and learn to be relevant and on time, I hope that you will engage in conversations, plan joint action and flesh out our many ideas.

For the moment, I focus on developing my writing and internet skills and am trying to promote the works of 2 organizations with an interest in conscious living and parenting. Perhaps this will be the overarching purpose under which all other minor movements of YM will reorganize.