If the purpose of our lives is to leave behind healthy, purpose driven children, then conscious living will enable us to do so.


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Life is usually tough with work, chores, emotional needs, inconsistent motivation levels, negative thoughts, conflicting viewpoints and the full weight of a 100 different things weighing us down.

In the middle of all this, we have our own dreams and ambitions for a future, be it a quality vacation with loved ones, a book club we want to join, a happy family life or a perfect and fulfilling career.

What do we have keeping us afloat with all this turmoil - our own emotional strength - our innards. Some call this the psyche, some the inner self or soul.

Our soul needs time to breathe and courage to fight. Whatever the problem, an awareness of the self and similar awareness in those around us would help a lot.

Effective Applications of Spirituality or imbibing the wisdom left behind by those many giants among men and women and turning it to the soul's and to society's use could be the basis for a brighter day for us all.

This wisdom, when pondered upon correctly could heal our maladies, give us perspective, clarity and the will to dedicate ourselves to a wholesome, inspired life.

Whereas earlier, humankind was steeped in darkness and was reeling from the adversities of war and poverty, now is our time to bathe in the light - a new light of consciousness that heralds a greater time in our civilization's history.

Yes, consciousness is the new buzzword and for a good reason. We want to be more involved and intuitive with our education, our growth, our careers, our interactions with society, our future families and discharge impeccably our duty to our children and their generation.

A loud rallying call to manifest all that's good and wholesome, we invite you to join us at our various events that will touch upon the day to day, but in the spirit of a future nurturing society.

We call this conscious living and will have some interesting people presenting on various topics.

Imran, 17 Apr 2021