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Some questions to make you start thinking:

For the Job Seeker / Consultant

- Will your career prospects increase with technical and soft skills training?
- What if you were listed on a premium directory where you'd get help making a "hire me" video resume?
- Do you find it easy looking for new jobs or is it very stressful?
- Are you confident of your capabilities?

For the Promoter / Referer

- How many friends do you have?
- How many of them are hard for cash and trying to freelance?
- Do you think its wrong to moonlight?
- How many are skilled enough to do to?
- How many are able to find work online?
- How often do they get exploited on freelance gigs?
- How good are their negotiation skills with freelance customers?
- How often do they miss an opportunity to cross sell other services because they dont know anyone in that line of work?
- What is wrong with the current set of freelance portals?
- What can you do to help them?