Workshops and Programs to be ENACTED

  1. Stipulations for Growth of Facilitators and Participants
  2. Growth
  3. Intimate Gatherings
  4. Sunlight And Moonlight

Core Ideas to Liberate Humanity

  1. Children for Inner Development
  2. Curation Based Education, Creative Expression and Project ARYA, aimed at emotional, social and personal development of families.

  3. Words for Inspiration and Healing
  4. with an intent to heal individual and societal hurts and project a positive outcome for the future.

  5. Spaces for Growth and Healing
  6. Physical spaces for rejuvenation and overhauling. Work variant, School variant etc.

  7. Serenity, Harmony and Healing for All
  8. Various Resources on Healing ourselves, families and the whole world with strong focus on alternate healing methods and practitioners.

  9. Instituting a Spirituality that Liberates
  10. A new-age integrative, harmonious and holistic approach to religion, philosophy, spirituality and governance.

  11. Champion Causes and Avert Crises
  12. Crowdfunding with #DirectDonations. Further cause of hunger, homelessness, animals and education for lower income strata.

  13. Dare we Save our Planet Earth
  14. For all things environmental, worldy and with thoughts of harmony and unification

Dare we Save our Planet Earth

When George Carlin said "we have the conceit to think we can save the planet," he was actually using an advanced form of reverse psychology to dare us to do it in record time, because my dear friends, the tragedy is, "the earth is dying!". And we've many of us become mindless automatons and passive bystanders.

Mankind with its industrial revolution and tree burning furnaces has her in a stranglehold. Which is why I laud Carlin's Natural Disasters and this other piece so much. More reverse psychology going on.

It's only our love for each other and ALL of this pale blue dot, and the taking away of control from those who would bludgeon her to death that can win the day.

So find your friendly neighbourhood eco warrior and let the countermeasures begin. We ARE running out of time.

It's not just the environment of nature that needs saving, but the political ones, the home ones, and most importantly the seeds of lies and distrust we sow in our own hearts, minds, and families.

So think greatly of the company you keep, find it in your heart to heal and strengthen yourself and JOIN THE FRAY.

As Philip Wollen says, MEAT is the new asbestos, and whereas for some time, I championed vegetarianism, the double standard here is, I'm now a part time non vegetarian.

Don't let the contradictions sway you, find your cause and rally forth to establish your truth, one of Ahimsa or non violence as I believe it must turn out to be.

Imran, 11 Sep 2022

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