A word meaning "wisdom", the "Nom Project" is specifically used to discuss programs for children - the end goal of all our living and striving. In a 2018 letter to children, Imran sums up the spirit of a future melody.

Education - [Project Nom]

PACT Invitation

First described here, PACT, the #EducationForum is an acronym representing the 4 pillars of the education system viz: Parent | Administrator | Child | Teacher, or simply "People's Alliance for children and Teachers" as Imran likes to put it.

We now invite teachers and parents of a school to share their thoughts with us both on our FB group as well as on Google Groups.

We will, in time have information on how to setup a Chapter / Center and have FAQs on the value PACT adds to the education sector in our Definitive PACT Guide.

Peer Education and Feedback Form

  • Have you ever felt helpless as your child struggles to find focus, motivation and skill?
  • Do you feel stifled as a parent, unable to actively shape your child's emotional and mental development?
  • How would you react if we told you there were resources that would empower you to make your child self aware, functional, productive, conscious and happy.
  • What if the process of preparing for maternity / motherhood could already be geared towards bringing in a humane, productive and peaceful child into this world with all these qualities.
  • What if additionally, there were a parent cooperative that you could start / join to peer-educate children along with their friends.
  • Please take this survey to help you better understand your wishes with regards to yourselves, your children and their entire generation.

Jan 2021 Form

Respected Teacher / Parent,

We would like you to join our education forum (on Google Groups) to discuss our Wish Class and other programs and ideas that we promote as well as spread word about formulae that have worked for you and courses / programs that you find useful.

The Wish Class aims to engage the children in self-chosen co and extra curricular activities in the school, both during and after school hours, in a non disruptive manner and is currently being piloted by Imran.

We request you to get your parents and teachers to interact more frequently and network with other PTA groups from other schools on our forum.

Ask for a sample wish class which can be arranged online.

Ask us to organize online workshops.

Form a Core Group of teachers and parents to find more #JoyfulLearningActivities for the students.

Try and make the children truly enthusiastic about what they are learning and guide their all round emotional, spiritual and social development.

Regards, Imran, 8 April 2020 & 28 Feb 2021


No matter how our lives pan out, at the beginning, as children, we have a certain buoyancy and positivism. When we think of the future, we think great things are not only possible, but just within our grasp. And our parents certainly want the best for us.

Nowhere is our future so exhilarating as when we think what 2050 or 2075 might look like if we invest wisely in the values, sensitivities, joyous activities and meaningful thoughts and reflections of our children.

I grew up listening to a continuous stream of beauty, peace and love, with a hunger for the tasteful and timeless in all the stories and works of art it has been my privilege to be exposed to.

It made me want to SHARE these thought-provoking and feeling-provoking ideas with others, hoping we could become a network of curators seeking the best stories and melody for our children.

Then I thought why not extend the curation to books the parents could read, activities they could undertake for and with their children, programs that would help in the child's holistic development.

But where can all the curators come from, what draws them to one another, why can't these parents form a network of networks, and a place where educators can have a following of their path breaking thoughts and a cooperative to share and discuss their ideas.

Thus was born the need for PACT - a 4 way coalition between the Parent, Administrator, Child and Teacher.

Just in the pre-formation, gestation stage, we invite you teachers to begin a dialogue of your own, and for all of you to participate at: https://community.yieldmore.org/group/education-forum-of-ym

Imran 25 Apr 2021