Engineers - [Shyam]

In India , we churn out " qualified " Engineers by the thousands every year. But are these people real Engineers or Paper Engineers ?
In the words of Infosys founder Mr.Narayanamurthy "more than 90% of our Engineers are unemployable " .
It reflects on the very sad state of our quality of education, the students are not ready to face the challenges of the real world.
What can be done to correct the situation where the 2% creamy layer seek their fortunes abroad and the dregs remain to serve in our Country. The management of most of the Government and Private Engineering institutions are not bothered to change the situation and are just happy to continue with the status quo.
We can address this problem by making these Engineers unlearn the faulty processes ,we can also train aspiring engineers to benifit by introducing training modules where they get " hands on " training practically under the supervision of trained instructors.
Each module is carefully selected to train the pupils for the future. Robotics ,IOT ,Electronic vehicles and renewable energy systems .
We have designed the modules to be uncomplicated, easy to understand and useful for anyone from 10th standard up to the Engineer's level.
We hope that this endeavor will make the participants compete on an international level.