In this program for benefitting charities, we will try and empower them with techniques and tools for Planning, Communication, Computers, Branding and Integrated Growth Strategy.

GOALS for Charities

Table of Contents

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From this program, Charities (NGOs) would be benefitted by

  • Learning to organize effective and productive events
  • Involve digital marketing and real time updatable websites in their plans
  • Use a tool based scientific approach to planning and execution both for short as well as long term goals.

It is part of the Supershare venture of Team YM & friends to help NGOs to succeed with their causes and create a support network for them.

Areas of Discussion

In this program, we will, as a batch, take up and discuss the following:

  • Planning - This most important aspect of any organization begins with simple definition of Vision, Mission, Objectives and later involves Staffing, Resource Mobilization, and Weekly, Monthly, Short Term and Long Term Planning.
  • Communication - There are multiple forms of communication between these players in the Charities (NGOs) ecosystem. Core Team, Funders and Stakeholders, Internal Team, Extended Team of Volunteers, Beneficiaries and the Public at large. As we will see in detail, communication that is brisk and proactive in each of these aspects is to be desired.
  • Computers - Good Computer Knowledge gives us access to powerful tools and information which we can use to make informed decisions, plan and execute our day to day and long term plans, and track progress in terms of measurable outcomes.
  • Branding - Again, a consistent, confidence evoking image to all parties involved should be at the heart of all our strategies and actions. Withthe proper branding campaign comes public acceptance and with that, volunteers, resources and funding.
  • Integrated Growth Strategy - Organizations that flourish are usually the ones which manage to answer the questions "why" for each person in its various teams. We say integrated because the impact of a Charity should first be felt on the ground, it should make it's front line workers feel good about themselves and it should encorage the team behind to find more areas to work in and finally inspire the public to come forward and help the cause. Transparency at every level if a factor of an effective communication strategy and planning tool.

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