In this program for benefitting charities, we will try and empower them with techniques and tools for Planning, Communication, Computers, Branding and Integrated Growth Strategy.

GOALS for Charities

Table of Contents

This content / course is free though there may be an obligation. Our team hopes you find it useful and pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Some Challenges Faced which we will brainstorm and try to address after finding out from the participants where their current difficulties lie.

  1. Translating Vision into action oriented plans
  2. Attracting and engaging the right talent
  3. Building team spirit and trust in delegating.
  4. Doing honest swot analyses and filling gaps / being resourceful / skilling as needed
  5. Making short and long term plans
  6. Authenticity and Dedication - values that have to come from the heart
  7. Goals should be Specific Measurable, Actionable, Result Oriented and Timebound
  8. Internal amd External communication lines
  9. Adminstrative process which is facile.
  10. Right tools for the job
  11. Attitude of NOT being penny wise and pound foolish

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