YieldMore.org is at BEGINNINGS. We need your SUPPORT and participation on discussions for ideas such as Peer Education and Wellbeing. Hoping that 2021 will see us WOW (Wish On, World) people with our commitment to becoming a catalyst / enabler for social change, letting their Wishes Take Wing.

Developing Goodness

About the Good Country Index and how goodness needs to be a fundamental grassroots movment, where we leave off our pettinesses and ignorance.

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Goodness is the new buzz-word and is being measured at the macro scale by The Good Country Index.

We advocate it at the individual, grassroots level and wrote this small piece just after #IndianIndependanceDay

With every day that passes of our complacence and aloofness, the dark forces' position becomes stronger!

We like to talk of liberty, but where is the freedom for the people who work with no choice.. have to watch their children grow up with less and less options because of their diminished education, exposure or social status?

How is it so easy for political tensions within and between nations to warp our thinking and wrongly guide our actions? When will we be so at peace instead of lusting after money, fame and power?

When will tranquillity reign in our homes and right conduct guide the way we interact with our family - near and far?

When will fairness and equitability enter into our business dealings? When will we stop letting religious and ideological differences cause friction and chaos?

When will people, world over, feel safe - that life is truly a gift and living a continuous cause for celebration?

We have a glorious destiny to fulfil, but it takes much conscious thought and continuous effort. Let's promise to try harder to be good to ourselves and those around us and build a veritable heaven on Earth.

Think how far we've come as a civilization since 1947 when Sri Aurobindo spoke of what all could be achieved if we put our minds to it:

Sri Auroindo's Independance Day Message

Think also of the dream that is Auroville where the blueprint of a future oneness and synergy is being worked out:
Mirra Alfassa's Dream - Auroville, the Experimental Township

Remember, the power is yours! So band together and create a fresh, powerful and tasteful narrative.

Let goodness prevail...

Jagat kula ki prem - all love to the world family!

Imran Ali Namazi
17 August 2020