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Goodwill - [Imran]


In this series of videos we will discuss the human condition.

We are indeed "gearing up for all kinds of love and service" as we decondition ourselves, embrace new pathways and insights, heal through conversation and reflection and then look across this earth and gather strength to serve it, bolstering our courage and love along the way as we walk the path to our destiny.

Philosophy of life

Sometimes, songs and even nursery rhymes contain our deepest wisdom. Think of these words...

"Row row row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrilymerrily merrily Life is but a dream"

Philosophy explained

Let us examine this further.

Rowing refers to our constant and focused effort. I think of the saying work is worship.

Gently could mean "with grace and love". The word stream gives us a sense of adventure, direction, purpose and movement (constant change).

Philosophy ...continued

Merrily refers to our spirit which should be indomitable no matter the hardship or pain. Some call this equanimity.

The likening of life with dream reminds us that we are indeed "Spiritual beings having a human experience", and that magic can fill our lives.


We have a constant desire for self growth. For this, we need a certain Jubilance and positive action.

Our identity reshapes itself and evolves, ever expanding as we grow as a tribe / community.

Dont just identify with the world community, radiate your truth and consiousness to the very heavens.

Individual Healing

We dont relate and understand the pain of one another as we go down the road of life. But our sensitivity to others pain DOES INCREASE as our own direct experience of it becomes more and more.

We have much to heal from and need be kind to others as we grow.

Goodwill and Charity

In this new ages of enlightenment and joy, we've come to understand a single philosophy - that of goodwill. As our sensitiveness increases, we realize the grace by which we live and the kindness which has been shown to us.

We reciprocate the spirit in which our gifts were received, by "paying them forward". When we do this en-masse, we call this a charitable gesture. Here enters the Charity, Cause, Movement and the Catalyst.

Enter the Catalyst (Admiral in the Fleet of Rowboats)

We will define a catalyst in our next video, but suffice it to say that we need to think beyond the identities of our own charities / body of work and self organize as we look to accelerate the goodness and virtue in the people and organizations around, and increase the amount of healing in the world, and happiness.