Happy Schools

Happy Schools

Happy Schools - Overview

A well developed child has his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs met.

For this to happen, the following need to be addressed by the school.

  1. Physical - Infrastructure & Amenities
  2. Intellectual - Childfriendly Educators who understand and practice child development tenets.
  3. Environment for Social Development


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In this short presentation, we will run you through some sample data and a reduced set of the 132 parameters that go in the index.


We are developing material for webinars and workshops which will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to Child Rights (10m)
  2. Need for a Happy Schools Index
  3. Benefits Schools, Parents and Children
  4. How the Audit Process works & Introduction to the Tool
  5. Live simulation with reduced set of parameters
  6. Implementation (School Development) Plan and its Benefits

Happy Schools is a system that aids in analysis and self-introspection of any Educational Institution. Independantly, the Relief Foundation can help do a detailed auditing and subsequent consulting if required.

We invite you, the Senior Educator and the Adminstrator (correspondent / management) to both attend our workshops to find out more about the Happy School Index.


Here is our calendar with details on webinars and workshops.

Request Audit

Our Audit Team consists of Professionals and Experienced Educators and Senior Teachers

The Auditing Process will require FULL COOPERATION from the school management and staff who need to provide access to all data.

The Auditing Process will entail a fee, which will be decided and proposed after the first meeting.

You can write to us or call Vidya Shankar