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How to Combat Cancer

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We need passion to find solutions like Lorenzo's parents, the Odone's did, who kept him alive 25 years and founded The Myelin Project

Root Cause and Ultimate Solution

  1. From a scientific perspective cancer is not about raising money for a cure... there is enough money for cures and the medical world are coming closer to better methods of resolving this disease.
  2. However, the reality is that cancer is not a random genetic disease. it is caused by capitalist consumerism. we need to change our lifestyles and habits in order to fight cancer. organic and local foods, proper eating and nutrition, no smoking, no pollution, no drinking, no hazardous cooking materials and household items like plastics and teflon, no stress, and many other things we have to be wary of.
  3. Then come the positives like keeping healthy with exercise, correct sleeping patterns, meditation, spiritual inclination, compassion, love, charity, giving, camaraderie, animal love and respect, egalitarianism, and other positive effects all add up to make for healthier cell structure from a biological perspective.
  4. We MUST invest in fighting cancer, not by having. a donation post that says please donate to us so that we can give this to a lab to find a chemical cure that heals the cancer potentially but ruins another part of the body and mind!
  5. We invest in the return to a spiritual natural love path which inherently eliminates cancer and many other diseases
  6. I recovered from covid and meningitis when i got them together without a single visit to the doctor. i meditated and walked through my body through my mind and healed what i believed was not seemingly correct inside me.
  7. Such is the power of healing and the divine powers within each of us!

Possible Ways to Combat Cancer and Terminal Illnesses

  1. Strengthen the mind and heart.
  2. Have conversations around palliative care... the sort of multidisciplinary approach pleaded for by Dr BJ Miller.
  3. Psycho Oncology - partnering and promoting practitioners and early adopters.
  4. Mindset and will as a means to beat back the onset of cancer.
  5. General positivity and resilience in a free-flowing manner the likes of Dr Patch Adams of the Gesundheit Institute. Which also reminds me of his idea of using humour and the endorphin release that comes with it to our aid in healing when we listen to clowns.
  6. Use of audio nootropics and guided meditations to bolster strength of the ones affected, their family members and support groups.
  7. Grief counselling and the comfort to be found in renewed faith in the Lord and an understanding of the process of rebirth.
  8. Alternate medicine and yoga along with Conscious Aging.
  9. Anything else that may benefit those terminally ill and their families and loved ones.

Some Thoughts by Imran

  1. I always felt, that if we believe in the microcosm / macrocosm (human or living being to universe or collective consciousness) interlinkedness then cancer is evolution and divine consciousness working out an upgrade of our bodies to evolved functioning as told in the secret mind of the cells ( Satprem Book)
  2. Morphogenetic Resonance and Morphic Fields (Rupert Sheldrake) describes well the working of the collective consciousness of each species and Cassandra Vietens Science of Interconnectedness TED talk expands on it
  3. I'm also starting to believe there is an inverted alignment of consciousness at play in the working of our Karmas. Tortured animals being eaten by humans are causing them to have all psychoses and life ending illness. Our most evolved beings are walking the streets eating stray leaves here and there.
  4. Karmas - see Sri Aurobindo / Robert Svoboda - are always being worked out, and to some of us who work a broader spectrum of the evolutionary puzzle, we are sometimes ill or have a spate of problems for no apparent reason.
  5. It's as if we are gathering universal wisdom left enshrined in the experiences we chose before incarnating, and they do not enter our active mind until we experience it.
  6. More information at incarnateword. Also in Letters on Yoga
  7. I have spoken of dying/grief and conquering it.

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