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Healing Section of 2020 YM Site

Healing Section of Imran's Poems and Prose

Healing Area 2022 YM Archives

Healing through Affirmations Program of 2019 Jan

First Affirmation for a young Mother

Pre 2019 Legacy Heal Pages

  1. Heal with Love - an affirmation by Louise Hay.
  2. Ted Talk by Dolph Lundgren on Healing and Forgiveness.
  3. Master Chiang who taught Jonathan Seagull to take loving to a whole new level.
  4. Master Niggle who literally built paradise with his love for people and Nature.
  5. Faith and our pursuit of winning people over to the path of love.
  6. Imran's First Article on Positive Balanced Thinking
  7. PEP for the mind using Natural Herbs prescribed by an Indic Healing System called Siddha.
  8. Accepting the Good in Everyone
  9. A very old Affirmations page with a simple one by Venka and our subliminal on screen messages APP.
  10. Daily Healing lessons from a WhatsApp Group - has broken links.

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