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Homeschooling Course

With modules developed by the Relief Foundation, the homeschooling course is for parents to gain insight in the Montessori based brainchild of Mrs Vidya Shankar

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Module 1: Homeschooling - is it for my family?


Welcome to the Homeschooling course for empowering families. This course is meant for parents who want to homeschool their children of various ages. The idea of this course is to offer guidance to families who want to start and continue with homeschooling or want to move their children from conventional schools to homeschooling.

Following are the topics we are going to discuss:
1. Introduction to the course and homeschooling
2. Coverage
3. What is homeschooling
4. Pre-requisite for starting homeschooling
5. What to look for before deciding
6. What kind of families can take up homeschooling
7. What are your responsibilities at 0 - 6 years stage
8. What are the changes in lifestyle for homeschooling

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