YieldMore.org is at BEGINNINGS. We need your SUPPORT and participation on discussions for ideas such as Peer Education and Wellbeing. Hoping that 2021 will see us WOW (Wish On, World) people with our commitment to becoming a catalyst / enabler for social change, letting their Wishes Take Wing.

Imran Ali Namazi

The profile of Imran Ali Namazi, founder of YieldMore.org.

Find out more at YieldMore.org: Creative Expression / Writing for Emotional Wellbeing

I'm Imran, Chief Curator at YieldMore.org and Chief Engineer (think Boa) at cselian.com.

I began YM in 2013 and continue to whittle away with the idea. I hope you find it nearing viable and will join us as we try to bring it to critical mass!

To see what we put together from 2015 - 2019, see our legacy sitemap.

See the overview of our new YM avatar here and my bibliography here.