YM is at BEGINNINGS - this means that while we do have some IDEAS, none have been adopted (because of us) yet. And while we are trying to champion CAUSES with our #DirectDonations idea, no one has (because of us) come forward to SUPPORT anyone YET. Just to set a realistic picture! Yes, we plan to be in business another few hundred years and have a long roadmap. Officially, our journey began on Aug 10th 2013 with Imran.

Imran Ali Namazi

Description: The profile of Imran Ali Namazi, founder of YieldMore.org.

Find out more at YieldMore.org: Creative Expression / Writing for Emotional Wellbeing

I'm Imran, Chief Curator at YieldMore.org and Chief Engineer (think Boa) at cselian.com.

I began YM in 2013 and continue to whittle away with the idea. I hope you find it nearing viable and will join us as we try to bring it to critical mass!

To see what we put together from 2015 - 2019, see our legacy sitemap.

See the overview of our new YM avatar here and my bibliography here.