Words by Imran, Founder

In 2013, when thea idea of YieldMore.org came to the fore, I knew I would be it's first voice.

Today I can say "fait accompli" (feat accomplished) but there is still so much work to do to get it's ideas or tracks off the ground.

I hope October sees me with a steady income and in a better position to "make everything donation based" as my heart tells me it should be.

I read now from a video I made in Apr 2018, the first of many

What Imran had to say in 2018

  1. YieldMore is trying to streamline the way we use the internet.
  2. collaboration, careful editing, declutter and omission of the negative are the words we think of.
  3. We set out to share articles and stories, promote people and organizations and curate inspired works of art.
  4. We showcase all that's positive, uplifting and inspiring - the best of humankind's endeavours.
  5. We're in the midst of human evolution, living in blessed, magical times.
  6. The true re-naissance (rebirth) of the 21st century thats gonna make us a civilization par excellence.
  7. Join us as we inspire others to "treat every day as you would your last".
  8. An action packed lifestyle full of learning, healing, sharing and LIVING!

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