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Full Stack Developer & Solution Architect
specializing in .Net, Php and JS - from Chennai, India.
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Personal Statement

An extraordinarily talented programmer, engineer, writer, concerned citizen and friend, I have always let my work stand out as an example of the creativity and passion that I bring. I began building circuits in 1999 and took to VB6 in 2000, graduating in 2005.

Having refined the craft over 20 years spanning ASP.Net Core and MVC, Javascript, C#, Sql Server and Entity Framework, VueJS, Typescript, VB6, PHP, .Net, WinForms, WPF, Active Directory, Google Cloud Platform (Firebase, Firestore and A/B Testing), and patches of Augmented Reality and Netsuite.

I've worked in domains like Education (K12) and Professional Development for the teaching force, ERP, Loan Application and Servicing, built Community Apps, Mobile Apps, Progressive Web apps, and have my own file based web builder that's so artistic, I decided to name it after Mozart.

Having led architectural efforts for over 15 years, I'm currently building a Communication Center in Typescript and Cosmos DB and have built Report Frameworks, Fluent ORM Frameworks, WinForms UI/ORM Frameworks and have a good sense of things as a full stack developer.

A budding writer, I've penned over 400 poems and teach creative expression and web design at cascade. I also spend time compiling articles and network with like minded society stirrers at my website (since 2013), where I'm known as a "one world and social causes theorist".

My Qualities

Some of the qualities I possess:


B.E / Electrical & Electronics Engineering Nov 2005 KCG College of Technology (Anna University) - Chennai.

Lady Andal School Apr 2001

Work Experience

Overall: 16 years of work experience in .Net/sql with web and windows applications, 10 years experience with php and 6 years as a hobbyist with electronics/vb6 before I started my career in 2006.

I've built frameworks, researched technologies, led infrastructure and training efforts, lead teams technically done customer & requirements handling and managed projects.

I Have a plethora of codebases mostly open source / source available, and a few at github.

Technologies and Frameworks: Web: PHP, Html, Javascript, jQuery, Firebase, Css, Durandal, Knockout, Vue JS, Typescript, Webpack and NPM. .Net: Asp.Net, Asp MVC, WinForms, ORM (Entity Framework, EFCore and NHibernate) WCF, WPF, MS SQL and Cosmos Db. File-Based CMSes. GCP: Firebase, Firestore, Google Auth, NodeJS Scrips and APIs, A/B Testing.

Since 2020 Aug

Worked on a complete mobile revamp of a consumer - service provider matching platform, built in VueJS, TypeScript and Asp.Net Core, with a full hands on write of the architecture and infrastructure layers, setting a new coding standard in that company. Also devised a sophisticated way for them to build multiple mobile apps from a single code base, created webpack and node libraries etc.

Working on a scalable and comprehensive Communications Center with Team Visibility and Lead Tracking that integrates message providers like whatsapp and Google My Business.

Built Amadeus (see source) into a flexible, clean php web builder which uses NO Database and am actively seeking clients for it.

Built websites for Cascade FLS and Awaken To Life.

Reworked the content and presentation of

As CoFounder of, built an 3d Augmented Reality solution using aframe and firebase, and a hyperlocal marketplace prototype.

Conceived, piloted and taught 2 educational programs viz CBE and CX at Cascade as a course developer and teacher of an Adolescent Group

Headstream Technologies

In the Education Space, Edlusion provides a platform for Teacher Evaluation, Training and Professional Development, using Modern Rubrics and pedagogy for K-12 in the United States. We used technologies like EDFI, SCORM and A/B Testing (Google Optimize)

Architect. Tenure: 2016 Aug - 2020 Aug

Worked with Durandal and Knockout (old rivals to Angular)

In charge of code reviews, tech spec discussions and core development.

Spearheaded Product Revamp in 2017 writing a fresh javascript architecture.

Wrote an elegant, performant, well architected Report Framework in 2018 over 6 months.

Cselian Tech (Freelance)

Position: Founder & Lead Developer. Tenure: Nett time 3 years since 2005 Technologies: Yii / php / jquery / wordpress / .Net.

As an individual, I can work for you. My personal and freelance projects list is over 50 and can be had on request.


have built 2 wordpress websites for creating extensive plugins, now rebuilt using Amadeus and compiled over 100 articles, authored another 20 pages and made some 30 youtube videos including this.

Charities: Spanda, JFD, BIG etc

Have built websites, written content and helped make videos for, jobs for dyslexics and Build India Group.

Project: Constient Global Solutions (Feb 2016 to May 2016)

Played Sr Developer Role on 2 projects built in and Web Api.

Project: Identity Management - (Jul 2014 to Nov 2015)

Enhance a .Net ticketing system's new user page and build a system of workflows around user management including Active Directory integrations.

Project: intermart (eVend)- B2B ecommerce (2012, 13)

Built a B2B ecommerce site in Yii with catalogues per Buyer site, map of deliveries of day, auto assign nearest distributor and Axis Gateway payment.

Projects: MicroViC / Wordpress / WooCommerce

Journal of School Social Work is built in my own cms MicroViC - lately with Google Custom Search and Scholar. Spanda, Sassy and Interlink are built with wordpress with some plugins for making life simple and clean. IDAM is my first woocommerce site.

Group FMG

Senior Tech Lead. Tenure: Sep 2013 - June 2014

Worked for in php (Kohana / Laravel) on a new Ad displaying product.

Worked on a catalog website in Wordpress for an energy saving company.

Applied Development

Position: Technical Lead. Tenure: Aug 2008 - Jun 2013 Technologies: Winforms / .Net 3.5, 4.0 / WPF / NHibernate / MS SQL 2008.

A 10 year old IT company based in Belgium with a development centre in Chennai.

Project: Document Writing - VSTO / WPF

Project: Service Management - Winforms / ADO.Net

Project: Financial - Silverlight / WCF

Project: ERP - Winforms


Photon Infotech Pvt Ltd

Position: Software Engineer. Tenure: Mar 2006 - Aug 2008 Technologies:, HTML / CSS / Javascript, SQL 2005

Client: Englishtown (An EF Company)

Jun 2006 - Aug 2008

Englishtown is the world's largest English e-learning website with millions of students. Ten years old, it has tie-ups with partners for co-branding and corporate training.

Responsibilities and Roles:

Project: Community (Social networking application)

Feb 2007 - Aug 2008

Project: Sales pages

Jun 2006 - Feb 2007

College / Projects:

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