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Formerly an Excellent Programmer I an now looking at mentoring roles in IT and a combination of Spaces within them and to start making money from the various ideas that have taken shape in the 10 year journey with

Founder, Ideator, Writer -

I founded in November 2013 and have built it up over 7 versions with nearly 300 pages and it's current state began in May 2022 and has these 7 ideas.

My own writing has nearly 500 poems and a 100 articles.

A NEW DNA where Business Entities Share Profits Equally

Tightly Knit Teams who are Growing Together.

The dream is to have 20 teams each of 20 members (the cap for team size) who are multi disciplinary and keep figure new ways to wow their audiences.

This DNA to be a requirement.

As a trainer and workshop creator

These 7 ideas are now mixing to form workshops listed in the "possibilities" menu.

I want friends and established program creators to mentor a new batch of would be facilitators.

From my experiences as a writer, I feel inspired to run my own workshops but need some support from a few co-facilitators and encouragement from the first batches of attendees. now also has a courses section where content can be maintained and videos and slideshows embedded and speakable sections read out. An example is Intimate Gatherings

Listing healing modalities and a novice healer and creator of affirmations

My journey began at age 13 when I gave a 1 hour massage to my friend and mentor. 2 years later I learnt Reiki but did not practice it till nearly 2017. I'm now trying to give body massages and show family members how they can do this for each other. Head, Scalp, Face, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet, Spine etc are places where I apply different kinds of massaging techniques. All this is very intuitive and self taught. Sometimes I include an affirmation and a guided meditation, inspired by the likes of Kelly Howell

I have been know to write affirmations and look forward to making more tailored ones for the friends I make.

Healing Modalities are listed here and I hope to one day contribute to preventing and reversing cancer with the right mindset conditioning.

As a creator of programs for Children

2 Childrens Programs were already piloted at viz. Music Led Discussion and Creative Expression (Mostly Writing). I am looking for mature parents who would want to expose their wards to the maladies of society and help them find causes they care about and can contribute to. This is called Project ARYA (Awareness Resulting in YOUR Action) and am yet to find a batch of students for this. a Fourth program deals more with interfaith understanding and dialogue and is called ENTHEOS.

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