The Yield More Love Network

Imrans Time - [Imran]


Apart from establishing YieldMore with its projects and purposes and juggling a demanding full-time job, I have now a stated target of helping establish 20 individuals, businesses, charities and communities by the year 2025.

I use a mix of my diverse skills and network, and with a little help from Amadeus, hope to collaborate with you on your projects / ideas to usher in a new world of hope and action.

What I bring

What I'm worth

Valued by the IT industry at about 1250 an hour (INR) and upto 27/45$ USD, I've decided to work for a fraction of that on mine and your ideas for social development.

Remuneration Proposal

For non IT consulting and non pro bono work, I propose a simple retainer of Rs 6000/- per month. Monies to be paid in advance (or for the previous month) by the 5th of each month.

If there is a gross disparity between the expectation and the actual, in the interests of aiding both parties, I propose a simple halving of the charges, unless I decide to return more.

As my time is limited and I am best aided by a few other consultants and team players, I request that entire works are not made to hinge on me.