Imran Ali Namazi

Imran writes from his heart, hoping to engage in meaningful conversation, and perhaps even help.


  1. confessions
  2. entitlement
  3. invocation

Oh Divine,

Inspire me to overcome my inhibitions and obstacles. Grant me strength of mind, emotion and spirit that these 3 may unite and serve thy purpose.

Help me to leave of all pettiness and grow my character and will in such a manner that I burst into a selfless action that I believe will be pleasing to you.

Remind me always of my duties to family, friends, colleagues and the world family at large, while always remembering the pains of the individuals in whose lives I can be of some use.

Guide my thoughts away from negatives and make my aura pleasant so that those around may find a well of strength in me and we can find the joy of shared dialogue and labours.

Help me realize the fragile balance of life and not fall into the traps of vanity and ego. Help me also to plug into a source of joy and delight that abounds in the world and also to have faith in thy divine plan.

Help me to see far, by borrowing visions of beauty, truth and splendour from the many stalwarts, artists and visionaries that have lived in our midst from the beginning of time.

Help me to do my duties and work hard, "showing steady progress", day after day.

Bless us all Dear Divine, as we feel more and more strongly your liberating grace.