Joyland is an integrated discovery, discussion, interaction, teaching, consulting, practice and rejuvenation center where no distinction is made between caregiver / patient (think k-pax). All are learners, teachers, healers and philanthropists just at varying levels of skillset development and healing.

Takeaways for Collaborators

  • People who liked the general precepts of YM, get to participate in its fulfillment
  • They have access to the network to try their own ideas and programs out.
  • Develop what is presently only a bare-bones outline into a working model that can scale globally.

Takeaways for people with places / resources

  • See their investment for the community reaping manifold rewards
  • Joyland is a set of guiding principles, not a rigid system so they can be adapted to suit you, the principal supporter’s needs

Types of Peers

  • Pillars (Consultants) – These are the healers, educators, mentors and social workers who tirelessly work together for everyone’s benefit.
  • Players (Happy Users) – These people embrace the idea and volunteer as apprentice pillars, doing good for visitors and the community at large.
  • Users (People with a Need) – This is only how you come at the beginning. We want you to heal, stand on two strong feet and become volunteers in other aspects.


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