Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is venerated not because its another storybook / book of rules, but as a treatise on metaphysics. Sri Aurobindo‘s Essays on the Gita along with the English Translation booklet has been published here. Our booklet can be had from along with their version by Sri Shankaracharya. Read more…

Metaphysics Of Quality

The Metaphysics of Quality, first propounded by the late author Robert M Pirsig has a page at the legacy site. For more details in a modern context, see the UBC Site with Rasunah Marsden’s thesis: “The world pattern of process“.

Jeevan Vidya

Until were back with more, do explore and Muni International School. PACT and ICBE are now a part of Wishing Tree. Jeevan Vidya I found the following formula as answer to my question on salvation and bondage. “Human being becomes liberated from illusion upon becoming wise.” Now the question Read more…


Curation is the process of “making a selection” for an audience. Its what Museum Curators and Web Curators do. Yes, we mean the selection of Books, Movies and Songs and also Programs and Articles. Immersive Curation Based Education Below is the August 2019 Concept Note we created for ICBE.

Evolving Landscapes

In this series of interviews, research papers and articles, we set out to understand the spirit in which companies are started, what leaders do to create the perfect environment, what influences the outcomes of products, projects and team building exercises. To submit an article or fix an interview, contact us on Hangouts / Email at

Please contact us to share your views on our work culture and publish articles on our #EvolvingLandscapes project Its objectives

1. Get Leaders and Managers to write their experiences and build a support network for brainstorming

2. Help Companies with services and team building tools and training and ultimately set up these processes in house

3 Cause employers to think of their work culture and how it impacts the quality of life of their employees

4 Catalyse the metamorphosis of companies as they collaborate with each other on social projects and share tips on how to best support their teams as they invert the management pyramid, making #EveryManATiger

5. Inspire employees to give their best and believe in the values and mission of where they work so they reach unbelievable levels of commitment.

Feel free to add your own questions, use the hashtag #EvolvingLandscapes wherever and we will find you



Spirituality is the master key of the Indian mind. It is this dominant inclination of India which gives character to all the expressions of her culture. In fact, they have grown out of her inborn spiritual tendency of which her religion is a natural out flowering. The Indian mind has Read more…


Sanjay Ranganathan +91 90877 99900 +91 90877 99900 We use but a fraction of our brain’s capacity. Balancing education and exposure to the arts and technology creates a connection and harmony between the 2 hemispheres of our brain which govern creativity and logic. BRiCS program for children over 2 Read more…