YieldMore Legacy

The YieldMore.org Legacy, archived in 2019 Nov contains the 150 odd articles we published from 2013 to 2019.

Below is an excerpt from our first video dated Mar 2017.

What we had to say in 2017

  1. Not sure what we do? We are a network of people passionate about life and who want to share what has worked for us.
  2. This could be by summarizing books, curating songs for children, making videos on how we have combatted the many day-to-day problems.
  3. We promote the works of people who are already making a difference in their circles.
  4. There are also, those of us who come to help others and those that need help.
  5. Everything we ask people to do we ask them to keep love in mind for, you serve God best when you love

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