The Yield More Love Network

Mandate 2021 - [Imran]

Education based Charities are one of the key ingredients in a world where only pockets of intuition led awakenings exist.

We have safely navigated the dark ages, the industrialization, the French Revolution, suffered hot and cold wars and still the possibility of a catastrophic outcome seems possible.

But enough seeds of love and harmony have been sown over the ages and a new age of immersive learning led by parents and teachers who follow their heart is nigh.

In all of these, as the Cosmic Plan unfolds, these pockets of wisdom need to unite under the banner of love for true harmony to flourish and become the status quo.

If we act HERE and NOW to defuse tensions, build bridges and find everlasting peace, then today's toddlers could very well grow to see their children live in an age of untrammeled joy.

A coalition of Lightworkers could be the very thing that binds the fabric of tomorrow, as my children ask me what to dream of in the years to come.

Having begun my career as a Child Rights activist and spent the last 15 years absorbing and practicing various education systems to a point where their culture has seeped deep into my subconscious, I stand now ready to get on the front-foot because I know that the right kind of education - "The Way from Within" needs to be established in forward thinking minds as necessary for our children's very survival.

Let the good times roll as we long sundered brothers and sisters unite to light the world as only true education can.