The Yield More Love Network

YML About About Us Matrix

Introduction is an online portal to bring together people from different walks of life to a common platform for mutual support and growth.

The three main aspects of YM are LEARN, HEAL and SHARE. All of these can happen at the PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, SOCIAL and SPIRITUAL levels.


Learn at the physical / gross level is self discovery, at the intellectual level it's about WorldView Explorations and at the Emotional Level it could be Curation Based Education.

Healing at the Personal Level could include meditations / audio nootropics affirmations and joy chats.

Sharing is done through volunteering, teaching and through support groups.


At the professional level, there is Attitude (Team Spirit), Skill and Financial gain. In this vein, we have evolving sunlight and joyland at work apart from the catalyze interview series.


The social aspect involves a collective sense of wellbeing (abundance), educating the community, a global mindset and awareness of the environment, giving thoughts to its protection.


The spiritual facet of YM involves a commingling of theologies, philosphy and metaphysics, inter-religious [symphony of] harmony contributing towards healing the very fabric of society and moving towards the promise of a better tomorrow - A GOLDEN WORLD.