In this compelling program for parents, the effort required to educate their child at home will be laid bare so they can take an informed decision about committing to this revolutionary idea, going back to the ancient Indian way of schooling - the learning pods.

Multi Family Learning Pods

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1 About the Course

Homeschooling - Empowering families

This course is essentially meant for a parent to understand the length and breadth of homeschooling, and take the leap of faith with the child. The course entails extensive reading and following the links provided for working or reading.

The scope of this course covers all areas that would open doors for creative in-situ learning as well as scheduled topics and experiential sessions, appropriate to different ages.

Home schooling is more of taking responsibility of educating your children, in a way that is age and developmentally appropriate. Usually one or sometime both parents take up responsibility of providing learning resources for their children and take them to many places including their workplaces to experience many skills and situations.

Both the parents need to agree on proceeding on this path. This is even before suggesting or discussing with the child.

Most of the families who homeschool are from the upper middle income group who have chosen to liberate their children from the shackles of rigid schooling.

Talk proper language and not BABY language. It confuses children later on. Make your home clutter free and provide real items for the child to explore, at her/his level.

Simple lifestyle with spending for needs is the way children learn to become responsible citizens. Understanding human needs and tendencies is important. There is a need to slow down and allow lots of time and space for the child.

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