In this compelling program for parents, the effort required to educate their child at home will be laid bare so they can take an informed decision about committing to this revolutionary idea, going back to the ancient Indian way of schooling - the learning pods.

Multi Family Learning Pods

Table of Contents

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Module 5: Support systems for homeschoolers

In this chapter we will deal with various support systems available for homeschooling. Home based education is fast growing in the US and many other nations like the UK, Japan, Canada etc. The Homeschooling population is fast growing even among minorities.

The Swashikshan is a non-profit association for homeschoolers, parents, friends etcetera. Every member represents the organisation which is not bound by rigidities or hierarchies. You also have the Alternative Education India, is a web portal where issues regarding education can be discussed. It helps provide information, resources and support for homeschooling.

The initial period (upto 6 years) demands a full term involvement of at least one parent but as the child acquires self directed learning skills the parent can slowly withdraw and become an observant guide. It is advisable to set aside a portion of the money one would pay as school fees towards investment on various resources and learning aids. For older children a discreet use of the computer and internet is a good choice. Once the choice is being made to homeschool the child discuss it with the family and online communities for support and help. Even the resources can be shared so that children can gain experience and exposure to different fields. Get the consent of the family and meet other homeschooling families too. Understand the child’s age related needs and preferences and set up a flexible timetable with options and choices.

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