In this compelling program for parents, the effort required to educate their child at home will be laid bare so they can take an informed decision about committing to this revolutionary idea, going back to the ancient Indian way of schooling - the learning pods.

Multi Family Learning Pods

Table of Contents

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Module 6: Starting a home-educating cooperative learning centre

In this module we will look at identifying families to form cooperatives, their vision and mission based on common needs, problems and desires. The various resources required for setting up such cooperatives and how to acquire them are also discussed in detail. A good leader is an asset to a good cooperative. The qualities a good leader should possess are also listed here. Sharing the cost and breaking even is also important. As children grow older the resource base has to be expanded. Exposure to real human work and reading biographies of great people will be of significance. Collaboration with NIOS and other leading centres like Cambridge will help students select subjects of their choice and take international level exams.

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