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# Spirit

Someone I knew wrote a book called the Grandeur of Spirit and it's only as I write this that I realize that that spontaneous expression of His Play (or Lila) is the highest humanity can reach.

We are indeed heading back to our illimitable origins, for it's time our Mother wakes us from our stupor and guides us from our adolescent folly back into the Light.

Why do we not choose our highest right instead of our darkest wrong? This illuminating choice presents itself to us a million times each day and if you keep feeling ONE with the universe, you will feel tranquility and guided by loving hands.

Yes, Father, we too choose LOVE.

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Imran's Welcome

Hi Friend,

I don't know you, and the world may seem a callous place, but there is always hope. We do live in magical times. There's plenty of healing to receive from the cosmic force and we need to allow it to happen to ourselves.

Then we learn to share that with our families and loved ones and the world is already regaining colour. Somewhere along the way, we learn patience and forgiveness and compassion. We also learn to "pay it forward" - every act of kindness that has been done for us.

I hope a part of you resonates with what I am saying?

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The YM Matrix

# Introduction

YieldMore.org is an online portal to bring together people from different walks of life to a common platform for mutual support and growth.

The three main aspects of YM are LEARN, HEAL and SHARE. All of these can happen at the PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, SOCIAL and SPIRITUAL levels.

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# Curation Based Education

Recently begun, we are currenty developing the idea of "Curation Based Education" - an informal, teacher led story and identity exploration / emotion development and discussion for a group of 12 year olds. Curation meaning "inspired by music, movies and songs" - the themes in these stories offer a new perspective to the chidren and topics to resonate with and discuss. You can find the Cascade Batch 1 Lesson Plans here. A flyer is also in the works.

## Class - Spirit

Dear Parent,

We want you to feel safe leaving your children in our care. We want to know what hopes and dreams you have for them and we want to hear from them direct what all they would like to do.

We want to pique their curiosity for the world around, make them sensitive to things that are happening, help them introspect, feel free talking about fears and concerns, life's plans and doubts.

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# PACT Invitation

First described here, PACT, the #EducationForum is an acronym representing the 4 pillars of the education system viz: Parent | Administrator | Child | Teacher, or simply "People's Alliance for children and Teachers" as Imran likes to put it.

We now invite teachers and parents of a school to share their thoughts with us both on our FB group as well as on Google Groups.

We will, in time have information on how to setup a Chapter / Center and have FAQs on the value PACT adds to the education sector in our Definitive PACT Guide.

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Evolving Sunlight

An OEx Team is the core team of a company that drives its **Quality or Continuous Improvement Process**. Like any team, it needs goals, iterations, leads, stakeholders, process and a prioritization system. So we suggest creating an "Organizational Excellence" project in your **favourite Project Management Tool** and rolling up your sleeves!

Quality not seen in the narrow way of testing each task, but as in the vision of Total Quality Management (Bill Creech)

We suggest you first list the factors that affect the outcome

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Understand us from our matrix, evolving sunlight or education and curation based education.