Welcome to Nom (The Wisdom Project)

We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

A new world was just begun. We still have the same old fears and the same old pettinesses but we’ve found something Divine inside to cling on to and walk one step forward at a time.

Imagine 7 billion humans radiating peace and goodwill? That would indeed be heaven on earth and is possible if we invest in our children, a sense of Gaia – the Spirit of the Earth.

For years she has seen us spout oily fumes across her face. Can we stop doing that, and think of goodness instead?

Imran, April 23rd

Hi Friends,

Cannot wait to introduce your children to the NOM project. Nom is a Tolkien word for wisdom, it is where we, YieldMore.org, want to / will have children from ages 9 up to the time they finish college, talking about individual and community development on a global platform. Wisdom in the sense of that which we want to / are passing on.

Talking about things like inner development, bonding, relationships and then finally social awareness etc. It cannot happen without you, the parents, support, love and encouragement and faith in the cause as you push your child to grow into socially conscious beings.

There are no set classes, just activities for kids which they can write into us to: nom-submissions@yieldmore.org and we will re-share / post on our community.

The children will get quality discussion time with parents, other children and our group of mentors.

For actual mentoring programs conducted, see here.

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