YieldMore.org is at BEGINNINGS. We need your SUPPORT and participation on discussions for ideas such as Peer Education and Wellbeing. Hoping that 2021 will see us WOW (Wish On, World) people with our commitment to becoming a catalyst / enabler for social change, letting their Wishes Take Wing.

Education Forum (Network of PTAs)

Decribes how, for education to flourish, the Parent, Administrator, Child and Teacher must all work in unison.

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YieldMore - PACT Invitation - [in progress]

First described here, PACT, the #EducationForum is an acronym representing the 4 pillars of the education system viz: Parent | Administrator | Child | Teacher.

We now invite teachers and parents of a school to form groups and meet regularly together and share their insights / activities with other groups across the pact network. The idea is for them to

  • form a support network in their school.
  • Interact with other schools and education systems to compare notes and share learnings.
  • To consider creating a "flavour" of Joyland in their school / circle.
  • Flood the Forum (Google Group) with questions, links and resources.
  • Compile a list of reviews of programs, workshops and videos relevant for themselves. (PACT contributions to the Public Interest Network Ads / Conscious Marketplace).

For more information on how to setup a Chapter / Center and what value PACT adds to the education sector see The Definitive PACT Guide.