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YML Heal Healing Services Premarital Counseling


A relationship therapist can get your lifetime of love off to a good start..

Why is it important?

Your marriage is an investment. So before you exchange vows, learn new skills to have the best marriage possible. Compounding works. Every small step counts.

What can premarital counselling help with?

  1. Role changes
  2. Communication
  3. Sex/ intimacy
  4. Goals
  5. Wedding day
  6. Life after the honeymoon
  7. Expectations of parents/ parent in laws

Role changes:

It is easier to talk before there becomes a problem rather when there has been a blow up.

  1. Household chores
  2. Who will work?
  3. What are your boundaries?
  4. Finances


How can you prevent miscommunication and be a good listener for your spouse? Electronic communication is not a reliable way to get your feelings or emotions across to anyone. Having scheduled talks can help you make sure you are giving your relationship the time that it deserves.

It is easy for life to get in the way

Sex and intimacy:

We can get in a rut or just plain be tired. How will your sex life or intimacy level be like after your wedding day?

With a little education you can prevent into what I call the roommate status


  1. Get married
  2. Buy house
  3. Have children
  4. Professional ambition?

How will you navigate the twists and turns of life while keeping your goals and dreams?

Wedding day and life after honeymoon

Talk about what expectations you have for your wedding day know that it is a fast paced day and that there will be many different emotions you will both go through.

Premarital counselling is like getting preventative medicine for your relationship.

It is a chance for you to explore what breaks couples up and get the best tips tools and advice so you dont have to walk that rocky road..??